Olympia DeLuxe

The Olympia typewriters made in the 1950s and 1960s were, and still are, popular among writers. The typewriters are known for precise engineering, durability, and ease-of-use. And they're quite beautiful, outside and in.

Writers who have relied on the Olympia models over the years include Paul Auster, Gypsy Lee Rose, Ernest Hemingway, Patricia Highsmith, Anthony Burgess, Don Delillo, Anaïs Nin, John Updike, and Philip Dick.

The model shown here is from the SM series (meaning, in German, "medium-sized" typewriter) and was made in West Germany in 1958.

Cards are 4x6 inches in size, printed on 14-pt card stock with a high-gloss exterior and a blank, uncoated interior.

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