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Among Animals has been adopted by writing and animal studies programs. For more information about each story, please visit the contributor Q&As, located to the right.

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Release date: February 2014
Pages: 222
Binding: 5.25 x 8 x .67
ISBN: 978-1-61822-025-7

“The sixteen talented writers who have produced Among Animals have produced more artistic possibilities than limitations in the tone and mood ... very fine literary fiction.”

“A deeply introspective look at the role of animals in society...I cannot recommend this collection highly enough.”

Among a touching and raw collection of beautifully crafted, moving short fiction stories, where human and animal lives intertwine in unexpected ways...a beautiful testament to the various human-animal relationships and interactions.”

“The stories assembled in Among Animals provide rewarding reading–alternately moving, intriguing, inspiring and harrowing.”

“[Among Animals] will satisfy literary longings as well as interests in nonhuman animal lives.”

“Any animal lover or connoisseur of high-quality fiction will appreciate this collection and the artistry of its contributors.”

“Very fine literary fiction.”

The Chattahoochee Review

Among Animals is as provocative as it is urgent, and as accessible as it is emotional.”

Stories that affirm the indelible bond among humans and animals

The relationships among human and non-human animals go back to the beginning of time—and the ways in which these relationships have evolved (and sometimes not) is the inspiration for this collection of contemporary short fiction, penned by writers from across the globe.

This diverse collection of stories explores the ways in which we live among—and often in conflict with—our non-human counterparts. These stories feature animals from the familiar (dogs and cats) to the exotic (elands and emus), and in these stories animals are both the rescuers and the rescued. Within these pages are glimpses of the world through the eyes of a zookeeper, a shelter worker, a penguin researcher, and a neighborhood stray, among many others—all highlighting the ways in which animals and humans understand and challenge one another.

Among Animals is a dynamic collection of stories from the world’s most gifted contemporary authors—those who pay close attention to the creatures with whom we share our planet, and who inspire us to pay closer attention as well.

Stories & Contributors

Alas, Falada!Diane Lefer Q&A
GreyhoundJean Ryan Q&A
Beyond the StrandlineMary Akers Q&A
MeatC.S. Malerich Q&A
Aren’t You Pretty?Patrick Hicks Q&A
The Ecstatic CryMidge Raymond  
LitterPhilip Armstrong Q&A
The Boto’s ChildRosalie Loewen Q&A
EmuJessica Zbeida Q&A
With SheepCarol Guess and Kelly Magee Q&A
PelicansJulian Hoffman Q&A
The Weight of Things UnsaidSara Dupree Q&A
Blue MurderSuzanne Kamata Q&A
Bad Berry SeasonMelodie Edwards Q&A
Miriam’s LanternRay Keifetz Q&A

Learn about the second Among Animals anthology.

“…a rich collection of stories that constitute not only a good read, but also a substantial text for an Animal Studies course…the collection demands an acknowledgment of the vulnerability, fierceness, and beauty of its subjects.”

Society & Animals: Journal of Human-Animal Studies

“A poignant and moving compilation of stories that remind us at once of our own human limitations and at the same time of our animalistic possibilities…Among Animals is as provocative as it is urgent, and as accessible as it is emotional.”

“All of the stories were written with the laudable goal of legitimizing the need for recognition (and application) of the rights of animals in our interactions with them…This anthology reiterates [the human-animal] connection over and over again, in a myriad of ways, expanding that connection from the realm of pets, through domesticated livestock, until it encompasses all of the things that we call ‘nature,’ revealing (in a way that is wholly free from the saccharine flavor of sentiment) that we are and always have been part of the web of the world.”

“Whether whimsical, sorrowful, or simply satisfying, the tales Yunker has brought together ask us to pay attention to not only our actions toward animals but also the emotions that motivate our behavior. Any animal lover or connoisseur of high-quality fiction will appreciate this collection and the artistry of its contributors.”

“The beauty of the book lies in the different voices of the veteran short story writers and the variety of animals who come alive in each story...each one is dynamic and interesting. And with the wide diversity of voices, writing styles, and animals, there is something for everyone in this anthology.”

“It is a rare thing for an anthology of original work written by various contributors to be at once uniquely dynamic and consistently gripping and profound. Yet Among Animals is just that. It is a collection of poignant and insightful investigation into the lives of animals, both human and non, and how each impacts the other.”

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