An interview with Catherine Kelaher, author of SAVING ANIMALS

Q: What inspired you to write this book, and how long did it take you to write it?  A: I had published my fictional book, Amanda the Teen Activist, in 2006 and began to sell it at markets around Sydney. Whilst the book was well received, people would often say, “Will this tell me how to be an …

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Happy 10-year anniversary to ACP

Ten years ago this month, we founded Ashland Creek Press. We began with two humans and one feline general manager, Theo… …and despite several staff changes over the years (below are office managers Teddy, Harlan, and Gideon), we are still only two humans, with a small feline staff and a wonderful group of freelance editors …

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The Lithia Trilogy is now available in audiobook format

We’re thrilled to announce that the pioneering YA trilogy that introduced the world to a vegan vampire is now available in audiobook format. As Kirkus Reviews writes:  “One (OK, three) of a kind for readers who prefer their fantasy tinted green, with fangs that sink into grains, not veins.”  — Kirkus Reviews You can listen to all …

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John Yunker joins the conversation: Listen to The Afterword on Environmental Stories

Author and Ashland Creek Press co-founder John Yunker joined guest Joelle Teachey, executive director of Trees Upstate, for a podcast focused on environmental literature. The Afterword is a podcast devoted to the “future of words” and is hosted by Amy Bowling and Holland Webb. You can listen to it here. You can also subscribe here via iTunes.