Ashland event & EcoLit Books

Last month, the Ashland Public Library hosted a marvelous event with ACP and Cassie Premo Steele, who was on her Pacific Northwest book tour for Beaver Girl, the selection for Columbia, South Carolina’s One Book 2024 Project. 

In this late-spring workshop, participants joined in writing prompts and guided meditations, and listened to Cassie’s poetry and excerpts from Beaver Girl. It was a beautiful afternoon, and part of the workshop allowed time for freewriting outside under Ashland’s beautiful blue skies. At the end, everyone came back together for a chance to share insights and for a Q&A about publishing.

For all those unable to attend this local event, you can enjoy the magic of Cassie’s workshops in your on time via her online classes. Sign up here for A Year of Earth Joy Writing, a series of four seasonal workshops designed to help you harness your creativity, connect more deeply with yourself and others, and to access the healing power of nature from wherever you are. Or, sign up for each workshop season by season: Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter.

And in the meantime, we’re happy to now have copies of Beaver Girl and signed copies of Earth Joy Writing in the EcoLit Bookstore! Click here to shop for your summer reading.