Check out our Animal Literature Sampler

Back in 2011, we founded Ashland Creek Press to promote environmental awareness through literature — as well as to advocate for awareness, understanding, and protection of animals.

We have learned that the more we study animas, the smarter they get. And yet we humans still have a complex relationship with animals. We open our homes to some species, and we shut others out, deeming them pests. We snuggle with certain animals at night, and think nothing of eating others who are actually smarter than our house pets.

Yet literature has a way of opening our hearts and minds to the issues animals face, from dogs in the shelter system to endangered species like Italian bears, the Bengal tiger, and the Komodo dragon. Whether fiction or nonfiction, these ACP books have inspired and enlightened us — and we hope they do the same for you.

We’re happy to share this Animal Literature Sampler, where you can see all of our animal-themed titles and check out a few excerpts. (Excerpts of all of our titles are available here.)

Happy reading! And thank you for supporting literature that makes a difference.