Vegan Dining in Napoli

Throughout Italy, we dined at many local restaurants that made lovely vegan dishes, but this one in Naples really stood out. Ristorante Lombardi a Santa Chiara is not only a beautiful little restaurant known for making incredible Neapolitan pizza since 1922, but the staff is so gracious, lovely, and eager to see us vegans eat well. Which we did.

We began with an appetizer which barely left room for pizza: fried zucchini, fried pizza dough, and bruschetta. All of which was absolutely delectable.

The classic marinara pizza, which is naturally vegan, was spectacular — so beautifully spiced, and with a thin crust that is airy along the outer edges. Truly, no other pizza will ever taste the same.

We also had another lovely pizza with EVO and grilled veggies (not pictured; it disappeared quickly), and sadly, there was no room for dessert. But we did get a photo of the pizza oven where all the magic happens.

If/when you find yourself in Naples, Ristorante Lombardi a Santa Chiara is an absolute must. (The local wines are amazing as well.)