Vegan Dining in Firenze

During a day of running around the city, we stopped for lunch at the fun and funky Flower Burger in Florence, Italy.

We loved the idea of being at a truly local, all-plants restaurant, and this casual little spot was a perfect stop on a hot afternoon.

This cafe features burgers, wraps, and bowls, we tried a couple of their specialties: the Flower Burger and the Funky Cecio. The Flower Burger is a bean and seitan burger, with “magic sauce,” lettuce, and cheese. (They were out of the cool purple buns and substituted a yellow one.) And the Funky Cecio is a chickpea burger with mayo, tomatoes, lettuce, and ketchup. The sides available were fried potatoes or edamame (the potatoes were far superior).

Most fun of all in Italy is having decadent, gooey vegan desserts, which can sometimes be hard to find. We had room for only one of the three sweet menu items, so we enjoyed the Choco Love, which is a small chocolate cake with a hot molten chocolate center, sprinkled with powdered sugar. It was sublime.

There’s no place like Italy for dining, but if you don’t have time for a four- or five-course lunch and are in need of quick vegan fuel to continue your travel adventures, Flower Burger is worth the stop for a delicious, fast, and affordable lunch.