Vegan snacking: Maya’s Cookies

We have long been fans of Maya’s Cookies, and until recently we have been ordering them online. Finally we were able to visit the little storefront in San Diego where all the magic happens.

Also, it happens to be the location (there’s a second location in San Marcos) where you can get Oatly soft serve (which, by the way, is amazing…for a topping, I recommend the sprinkles, and the little cookie that comes on the side is melt-in-your-mouth delicious).

You can also pick up all the fresh cookies you need; we got marble fudge, chocolate snickerdoodle, and classic chocolate chip. All are fantastic; we’ve never had a Maya’s cookie we didn’t love.

We are currently enjoying two seasonal collections: The Valentine’s Day collection and the Black History month collection. Visit the website for more information on all of Maya’s delicious concoctions, and click here (and scroll down) to join the mailing list; you’ll receive mouth-watering email updates on what’s baking and (best of all!) cookie discounts!