Vegan dining in Medford, Oregon: Portal Brewing Co.

On my second visit to Portal, an all-vegan restaurant and brewery in Southern Oregon, I actually remembered to take a few photos of the delicious food (the first time, it disappeared all too quickly).

Portal offers about a dozen beers and ciders on tap, as well as myriad nonalcoholic beverages from kombucha to root beer. And the food, almost entirely comfort food, is absolutely delicious.

Not photographed are the breadsticks and pretzels we enjoyed as appetizers (with about a dozen different sauces and mustards available), and I also neglected to photograph the gorgeous pints of beer (including a peanut-butter portal, which is not as weird as it sounds, and several IPAs).

Below is the “Schnitzel Master,” a giant homemade pretzel stuffed with Beyond sausage, melted pepper jack cheese, and grilled poblano peppers. It is nothing short of scrumptious.

Probably the most popular items on Portal’s menu are the tacos — they make a unique and delicious “artifish” taco, corn tortillas filled with breaded artichoke hearts as well as lemon garlic cream and cilantro (these weren’t available on my second visit, so alas, no photos). However, below are the gorgeous tacos made with Beyond chicken, which are also delicious.

And there is yet a third taco option: mushroom tacos, topped with onion and homemade vegan cheese — these are a bit spicier, for those who like a little heat.

I enjoyed the Shawarma, comprising a fat toasted pita filled with chickpea pakora (or Beyond sausage), cabbage, cucumber, tomato, hummus, homemade vegan feta, and tzatziki. I also adored the Falafel Waffle, which is falafel with hummus, spinach, cucumber, tomato, red onion, and drizzled with tzatziki and hot sauce.

The grilled cheese with pesto and tomato soup makes a lovely combo.

Also not photographed is the peanut-butter pie, as well as a snickerdoodle cookie with chocolate in the center (which disappeared too quickly to be photographed).

Portal doesn’t have a website, but it’s located at 100 E 6th Street in downtown Medford. The interior is small and cozy, and there is some outdoor seating available. Don’t miss this wonderful Southern Oregon treasure for great beer and amazing pub food.