Vegan Dining in Sacramento: Pushkin’s Bakery

During a very brief visit to Sacramento, we were delighted to find this dairy-free bakery (it’s also completely gluten-free).

Not everything is vegan — the food menu is divided into meat offerings and vegan offerings — but it’s a great place to find a lovely vegan lunch. It’s a tiny storefront, with a line out the door, and limited seating outside along the sidewalk.

We sampled a couple of sandwiches, including the Noble Tofu, below, which was delicious.

We also tried the Herbivore Delight, which is just a ton of veggies on bread, including vegan mayo and avocado hummus. This sandwich was also delicious — and the gluten-free breads were very good as well.

We most looked forward to the baked goodies, and we started with two doughnuts, chocolate and glazed. Both had wonderful flavors, but (perhaps because they were gluten-free) we found them to be a bit dry.

Much better was the chocolate cupcake, whose frosting was rich, sweet, and melt-in-your-mouth sublime. The cake, again, was dry, however.

Pushkin’s Bakery is a wonderful place for those who can’t tolerate gluten or dairy, and we’d highly recommend it for vegans who are looking for a great sandwich. The baked goods, however, aren’t the best we’ve had … but baking without gluten is always a bit of a challenge. The bakery menu changes daily, so if/when we return, we’d definitely try a new item (bakery items also include scones, cookies, coffee cakes, and cobblers).