Vegan dining in Eugene, Oregon: Cornbread Cafe (again), Part 1

We can’t get enough of Cornbread Cafe, and every time we visit, it’s even better. During a recent trip to Eugene, we visited the original diner three times in as many days, for one lunch and two breakfasts. It was great to try some new things, as well as enjoy some old favorites, like the Eugenewich.

As much as I adore the Eugenewich, I discovered a sandwich I love even more: the Polk St. Pileup, which has spicy tofu and mac unCheese on a roll, served with fries and a side of Cornbread’s incomparable vegan ranch.

The salad with BBQ soy curls was also amazing (and also came with that beautiful ranch sauce).

The desserts were incredible, though we didn’t have room for all that we wanted to try. So, we got the coconut cream pie and the coffee cake layer cake to go. Both were amazing, especially the cake, which is cinnamony and crumbly and rich, and basically like the best coffee cake you’ve ever had. (We returned for a half-dozen more slices to go…yes, it’s THAT GOOD.)

For eating dessert at the cafe, the pie (served warm with vanilla soft serve on top) and soft serve ice cream should not be missed. Both the vanilla and chocolate soft serve flavors are rich and creamy.

When you’re in Eugene, plan on at least a couple of meals here (I’d recommend three, at least), so you can sample from both the regular and breakfast menus. And don’t neglect dessert! Fortunately, the abundant cookie, pie, brownie, cake, and cupcake offerings are all available to go.

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