Vegan dining in Medford, Oregon: Melange Eatery

What a delight to (finally) have an all-vegan eatery in Southern Oregon! This lovely little restaurant in Medford’s Main Street Marketplace is a treasure.

The menu is Asian fusion and offers several raw dishes. Thanks to visiting with friends, I was able to try a sampling of dishes, which most of us enjoyed.

We began with a couple of orders of the artichoke dip, a big treat since it’s on a lot of menus but rarely available vegan. This rich, creamy dip is made with cashew cream and had a bit of spice, thanks to green chiles. The dip came with fresh toasted baguette slices.

I had the Dubu Jorim, which is hot, braised tofu in a rich Korean red pepper sauce. It’s spicy, with plenty of garlic and ginger, and so saucy that I needed a side of brown rice to mix it with; once I ordered the rice, this made the dish absolutely perfect.

I also got to sample the Grilled Arugula Pesto Panini, which was delicious — piled with mushroom, onion, eggplant, squash, lettuce, tomato, and vegan cheese and mayo. (The salad was lovely but absolutely drenched in dressing; we’d recommend getting dressing on the side unless you enjoy it a bit overdressed.)

On the raw side, I sampled the Live Taco, comprising romaine filled with a walnut-carrot filling and accompanied by fresh salsa, sliced avocado, and chili cashew sauce. It was delightful, if challenging to eat neatly, and the kale side salad was amazing.

Among everyone’s favorites was the Bi Bim Bop Bowl, a hearty bowl of brown rice, garlic wok-fried carrots, onion, spinach, button mushrooms, and bean sprouts with kochujang sauce. It was perfectly cooked and flavored.

While everything was delicious, do not neglect to save room for dessert! Melange has fresh pastries every day, including Cheezcake (chocolate and vanilla), Raw Brownies, and Coconut Tapioca. The cupcake was dry and not very inspiring. However, we sampled both cheezcakes (below is a quickly disappearing vanilla slice) and the berry tart, which was divine, with fresh glazed strawberries on top, raspberries on the side, a beautiful creamy custard and a thick-yet-flaky crust.

All the desserts are beautifully presented, but the Berry Mille Feuille, below, may have been the most beautiful — and was certainly among the most delicious. The pastry is light and fluffy, the coconut-cream filling sublime, and the berries fresh and bursting with flavor. (If you don’t have room for one, or more, of these desserts, take them to go. You will regret it if you don’t!)

When you visit, don’t be in a hurry; the service was a bit slow, and not all of us were served at once — but of course, this happens when food is made to order and when it’s made with as much care as these dishes were. It’s worth the wait, and I’m already looking forward to returning (even if only for dessert).