Vegan dining in Springfield, Oregon: Cornbread Cafe!

It was such a thrill to finally visit our beloved Cornbread Cafe’s new Springfield location. It’s on a lovely street and has a beautiful, inviting storefront.

We visited on a Tuesday evening, so it was a quiet night … but friends who recently went on a Saturday reported that the place was packed, festive, and wonderful.

The bar is not only gorgeous, but what comes out of it is absolutely delicious.

We sampled the special of the night, a beet-mango margarita, which was nothing short of divine.

The Springfield menu is very different from the cafe, though it does include some wonderful vegan staples, like grilled cheese with fries.

We sampled the tacos, which were absolutely amazing, smothered in vegan cheese and sour cream with sides of beans, salsa, and tortilla chips.

But our favorite had to be the Andouille Mac & Greens, which is made with Cornbread’s amazing cashew unCheese, kale, and andouille vegan sausage, topped with breadcrumbs. It was to die for.

We didn’t have the time (or the room) to try many other amazing menu items — such as the jambalaya, the mushroom po’boy, the shrooms & grits, the chik’n fried tempeh, and so much more. Even the beignets (we absolutely had to try these) had to be packed up to go (and yes, they were wonderful for breakfast).

This beautiful, festive, compassionate restaurant is a must for vegans, and for omnivores as well — the food is simply outstanding, and the service and staff couldn’t be better.