Vegan dining in Ashland, Oregon: NW Raw

Ashland has a treasure in NW Raw, an all-vegan, mostly raw eatery that is incredibly healthy — but still delicious! Since we’ve been last, there are new dishes on the menu, so we’re definitely going to have to visit again soon.

NW Raw’s offerings — all vegan, all organic, all gluten-free — include juices and smoothies, salads and soups and bowls, and absolutely incredible desserts. Among our favorites are the Yosemite Bowl, which is so rich it’s hard to believe it’s also a virtuous dish.

Yosemite Bowl

The “meat” that comes on the Yosemite Bowl and the Taco Salad is nut-based, and very flavorful. Add to that creamy vegan dressings and avocado, and it’s truly decadent.

Southwest Taco Salad

The salads are all lovely, and gigantic, with healthy portions of veggies and proteins (in this South Salad, it’s a mix of carrots, peppers, tomatoes, avocado, sprouts, pepitas, and hemp hearts).

South Salad

The East Salad comes with a lovely tahini dressing, in addition to superfoods like kale and almonds and beets.

East Salad

Among my favorites is the Denali Pad Thai Bowl, which comprises zucchini noodles and a beautiful spicy almond sauce.

Denali Pad Thai Bowl

For breakfast (or any other meal), the Green Glacier Tropical Smoothie Bowl is sweet and full of fuel.

Green Glacier Tropical Smoothie Bowl

The Toboggan (chocolate pudding, fruit, and a coconut roll-up with almond butter) is on the kids’ menu but makes a wonderful dessert.


For more desserts, click here — the vegan cheesecake and chocolate torte are incredible. (And, even if you don’t have time to dine in, many of these dishes, including desserts and juices, are available in the to-go case!)