We are so excited about the forthcoming publication of Katy Yocom’s novel, THREE WAYS TO DISAPPEAR, on July 16 — and even more fun has been seeing the amazing reader reviews on Goodreads, the first trade review (Foreword Reviews called the novel “immersive and multi-layered,” and the beautiful early reader posts (like this one) on social media.

We especially love this essay, published today in Newsweek, in which Katy writes about the “heartbreakingly rare” tigers of India and her own experiences at Ranthambore National Park, “a gorgeous expanse of towering cliffs and thousand-year-old fortress ruins in the semi-desert state of Rajasthan, India,” where parts of her novel are set.

Click here to read the Newsweek story; you can also read about Katy and the novel in The Indian Sun.

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