Louie’s of Ashland adds a vegan menu!

We have long been big fans of Louie’s of Ashland for its wonderful food, its great bar, its lovely creekside seating, its amazing owners, its fabulous staff β€” and especially its vegetarian menu and vegan cheat sheet. Now we have another reason: Its new vegan menu.

This wonderful menu has many familiar items to vegans and omnivores alike, but the best part for us vegans is being able to order anything on it without having to ask questions or ask for substitutions. One familiar dish is the delicious Thai Tofu Canoes.

The menu offers an abundance of locally sourced, organic, non-GMO options … and one particularly fun new item is the Impossible Burger. Unable to decide between this plant-based miracle and the Organic Chipotle Black Bean Burger, we tried both.

The Impossible Burger is on the left, the black bean burger on the right.

Both were delicious; the Impossible Burger tastes so exactly like a real one (the omnivores tell us), and the black bean burger is beautifully spicy. Both come served with Louie’s delicious fries.

You’ll also find that the Southwest and Thai Peanut wraps are available as bowls, and next on my list to try is the Vegan Angel sandwich (with organic hummus and guacamole, and tons of organic veggies).

Louie’s is open daily from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Visit the Louie’s website to learn more, and when you arrive, don’t forget to ask for the vegan menu!