Vegan Dining in San Diego: Anthem Vegan

We were thrilled to discover this amazing vegan restaurant in San Diego’s fabulous North Park neighborhood.

Anthem is a huge all-vegan restaurant had humble beginnings, as a Speakeasy Vegan Brunch and also a food truck, as our server told us, and it’s now a large restaurant in a beautiful space, along with a small gift shop (with awesome T-shirts) and a grocery area where you can find vegan goodies from crunchy snacks to ice cream (yes, and some healthy foods, too).

The place also has the most lovely staff and a happy vibe — and best of all is the menu.

It was nearly impossible to choose what to eat. We were there too late for breakfast, which is a shame because the offerings look amazing, from cheesy breakfast sandwiches to soy chorizo scrambles, but on the plus side, at least this narrowed down the possibilities for us.

We decided to take the burger/wrap route and chose the AV Burger and the Gangster Wrap, both of which came with delicious, perfectly cooked, and delectably seasoned french fries.

The AV Burger is a Beyond Burger patty with cheddar, lettuce, fried onion, tomato, pickle, and garlic aioli — simple but absolutely perfect. The bun was a highlight: soft and buttery (like a vegan brioche).

We loved the Gangster Wrap, too. This is served on a gorgeous, lightly toasted tortilla with grilled buffalo chik’n, bleu cheese dressing, shredded carrot and celery, fried onion, and baby spinach. It had lots of spice and felt both decadent and somewhat healthy thanks to all the veggies.

Our only regret is that couldn’t try more on the menu … like Sunday Brunch (which looks fantastic) and dessert. Anthem serves a Chocolate Mousse Brulee, and the dessert display was filled with beautiful pastries.

We can’t say enough about this place and its offerings (there’s something for everyone, from burgers to salads to healthy bowls — and appetizers include mozzarella sticks and an “Onion Ring Tower of Power”). We look forward to returning and hope next time we can spend days trying as much as possible on the menu.