Vegan dining in Portland, Oregon

Portland is one of our very favorite places to eat…you’ve got The Sweet Hereafter, a fantastic bar with a delicious, all-vegan pub menu and incredible custom cocktails (also check out the Bye and Bye). Blossoming Lotus is another favorite, with its amazing menu and happy hour.

Recently, we visited Portobello Vegan Trattoria, which we’ve wanted to try for ages.


This all-vegan, Italian-inspired restaurant is so popular that when it opened at 5:30, there was already a line of diners hoping to get in without reservations (reservations are highly recommended!).

We began with the the special recommended by our server: fried asparagus (it sounded weird to us, too, at first). Yet the asparagus was fresh, fried to perfection, and came with a lovely tarter sauce.


We also sampled one of the pizzas, the Arugula Walnut Pesto Pie, which had a light, crisp crust and a savory sauce.


And we had the ravioli, made with cashew cheese and smothered in a spicy tomato sauce — this one was our favorite.


Portobello has a nice wine list and a full bar, including specialty cocktails and non-alcoholic mocktails (one of which supports the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society).

This gem is a must for vegans in Portland! Portobello’s dinner menu has so many more options; we look forward to returning. And since we didn’t save room for dessert, we’ll have to start there next time.

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  1. We tried this recently too as it had been on my list — for us the chance to have vegan tiramisu was a must. Lovely finish to a lovely meal. Also enjoyed the Vtopian cheese platter. Some nearby diners were having an amazing looking beet burger so we’ll have to go back…and try Sweet Hereafter next time too. Perfect for a special occasion or a great excuse for a vegan tourism trip.

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