Q&A with Lithia Trilogy author Blair Richmond

A Q&A with Lithia Trilogy author Blair Richmond
How does it feel to be done with the Lithia Trilogy?
Relieved and bittersweet. You spend three years plus living with these characters and one day you have to say goodbye to them. But I’m eager to begin new projects and make some new friends (or characters).
What was the most fun aspect of writing these novels? The most challenging?
I most enjoyed beginning a novel not entirely sure of where it was headed, yet also in having faith that it was headed somewhere important. I also really enjoyed writing about this magical region of the world. Most challenging was writing about environmental issues, in large part because these issues are all too real. But that’s one of my major reasons for writing these books — to pose solutions, and there are solutions for the problems at hand.
Do you think you’ll return to Kat and/or Lithia again as a writer?
I won’t say never again because I’ve been known to change my mind.
What do you hope that readers enjoyed most about these books?
I hope readers come away inspired by these stories and characters. I have long been dispirited by the current spate of dystopian/depressing novels. The Lithia Trilogy doesn’t shy away from dark themes but poses a more optimistic future — and one that will be possible if our younger generation embraces it.
Do you plan to reveal your identity now that the trilogy is complete?
Not yet. But I think there will come a time when I step out of this self-imposed darkness.