About Ashland Creek…

…the actual creek, that is.


This is the creek that inspired the name of our press back in 2011. Since then, the sign over the bridge going through town has gotten a makeover:


Part of the Rogue River watershed, Ashland Creek begins on the north slope of Mt. Ashland and meanders 7,000 feet down to the valley floor, through several vegetation zones.


Ashland Creek provides the city of Ashland with the majority of its drinking water, which makes it so much more than just a lovely part of the landscape.

Despite the record snow that fell in last December, it was a very dry winter and Ashlanders spent the summer rationing water. We’re all hoping for a bit more precipitation this coming season … though not as much as the winter of 1997, which was when the last major flood occurred. (You can see photos of it here.)