Celebrating rescued Equamore horses

Equamore Foundation horse sanctuary’s annual Open Barn event in Ashland is a chance to celebrate all the great work Equamore does for horses all year long. Upon walking into the barn, visitors learned about Equamore horses through an array of photos and stories, and could then wander through the barn to meet the horses face to face.

I was able to meet several new Equamore horses, all of them so happy to be in a place where they are safe, cared for, and very well loved.

Walking through the barn I saw many beautiful horses I’d met before — among them Magic, Sara, Thor — and I also met Pal, a new rescue who is still a little shy but clearly very happy to be at Equamore. His owner had abandoned him to fend for himself, and thanks to Pal’s cleverness he was able to find a water source and survive long enough to be rescued by Equamore. He now has food, peace, and affection — and though the photo below is a little dark, it’s easy to see what a sweet guy he is.


Another new arrival is the beautiful Johnny B. Goode, who was rescued after the Jackson County Sheriff’s office received a report of a starving horse. Fortunately, though he was in very poor condition, Johnny is a great eater, and as you can see in the photo, he is bright-eyed and lovely.


Gandalf was a young stallion and one of several victims of an owner who wanted a herd of Percheron stallions and mares roaming freely. As a result of his owner’s unfortunate ignorance of horse care, Gandalf had to spend his life defending himself from the herd’s dominant stallion, and his body bore the horrible scars of his many battles.

Thanks to the hard work of Equamore staff, Gandalf was rescued along with Flint, another stallion, and Diamond, a mare. Gandalf was gelded soon after arriving at Equamore (along with Flint; you can read his and Diamond’s story here), and his wounds have been treated and are healing beautifully. As you’ll see in the photo below, he is a gorgeous, affectionate horse who will walk right up to you and stretch his head forward to receive a little love.


If you love horses and want to help, there are many ways to support Equamore and other horses.

You can donate directly to Equamore here. And to support a specific horse you’ve fallen in love with, click here, then find the horse’s profile to make a donation.

You can support other Oregon horses by contributing to the Oregon Hay Bank.

You can check out Inspired Pet Portraits by Dana Feagin, an Ashland artist who does wonderful portraits of animals from local shelters and sanctuaries, including Equamore. Several Equamore horses are featured in Dana’s collection, including beautiful portraits of Wishes, Kizzy, and Bojingles.