Would you like an e-book to go with your print book?

I can’t say I’ve ever purchased both a print and digital version of the same book.

But I’ve certainly heard from people who have — and have long yearned for the day when you could get digital and print books bundled together in a reasonably priced package.

In October, for Amazon customers, this day will arrive.

Amazon calls the program Kindle Matchbook, which is an odd title. I keep envisioning Kindling and Matches, which can’t be the intended visual.

You can read the press release here.

In short, Amazon will allow publishers and authors to offer anyone who purchased the print edition of their book a discounted (or free) version of the e-book.  Amazon will cap this additional e-book price at $2.99, and I know publishers will be experimenting with free e-books as a way to spur additional print book sales.

Harper Collins is on board with the program so far, though I’ve read very mixed feedback so far to the program.

Some people like it. Some don’t.

As for us, we’re up for giving it a shot. It will be very interesting to see just how many people want both print and digital versions of books.

Our authors have the option to participate in this service, and most are eager to try it out.

This is a smart move for Amazon, and it will further reinforce the relationships they have built with their customers.