Must-read blogs on publishing

These are interesting times in publishing.

Writers are self-publishing. Even agents are publishing their clients’ books.

Here are a few blogs that we follow at Ashland Creek Press:


A great resource for current industry news.

The Shatzkin Files

Mike Shatzkin provides an insider’s view of an industry in chaos. From author royalties on e-books vs. trade books to commentary on the evolution of Amazon, Shatzkin puts a great deal of thought and opinion into every blog he posts. If you read just one industry blog, this is it.

The Book Deal

Alan Rinzler is a longtime industry expert and editorial consultant. He provides a number of tips for aspiring writers.

Joe Konrath: A Newbie’s Guide to Publishing

Joe Konrath is a case study in how to succeed in self-publishing, and his blog is an entertaining and informative read.

Pub Rants

Agent Kristin Nelson provides nuggets of wisdom about query letters, publishing houses, and the industry in general.

Dystel & Goderich Blog

This is another entertaining and well-written blog by literary agents.