Announcing AMONG ANIMALS, a fiction anthology

We are thrilled to announce the forthcoming publication of our first fiction anthology, Among Animals: The Lives of  Animals and Humans in Contemporary Short Fiction.

amonganimalsThe anthology, scheduled for publication in February of 2014, features stories from among the best voices in contemporary fiction (you can see a list of contributors here). We received more than 300 story submissions, and it was quite a feat to choose only fifteen…but we think you’ll be as pleased with these stories as we are. The settings and animals featured in this collection range from the wilderness to our backyards, from bears to dolphins to emus.

To be notified when this book is available, please click here and scroll down to join the mailing list. And if you’re a book reviewer, please feel free to contact us for a review copy.

2 thoughts on “Announcing AMONG ANIMALS, a fiction anthology”

  1. What a great-looking book, and I love the title. I am delighted and honored to be featured in this collection and look forward to reading all the stories.

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