Amazon updates web design to make books more “interactive”

By John Yunker on

John Yunker

Playwright, author of the environmental novel The Tourist Trail and co-founder of Ashland Creek Press.

I believe Amazon is slowly rolling this design out (or still just testing it) so you might not see this yet.

I’ve attached a screen shot of Amazon’s new design from our book The Names of Things:

New Amazon web design

First off, the book covers are displayed about 20% larger, which I love.

Also, you can “flip to back” to see the back cover of the book. It’s a nifty bit of animation which can’t be captured with a screen grab. The book also appears to open up if you hover over the book cover — another nice interactive element. These are small details perhaps but I think they go a long way to creating a more “physical” bookstore experience.

Scrolling down the page, the new design highlights selected reviews as follows (from our book Float):

Float reviews

Overall, I like the update.

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