Happy anniversary to Equamore sanctuary

It was such a delight to spend Saturday evening at the Equamore Foundation horse sanctuary in Ashland — the sanctuary is celebrating another year of rescuing and rehabilitating abused and abandoned horses, and a crowd of supporters gathered to drink champagne and visit with Equamore staff and the beautiful horses who are Equamore’s success stories.

Equamore party

Among Equamore’s recent success stories is Royal Crown (RC), who arrived at Equamore in February suffering from severe neglect and starvation, as you can see in the photo below.

RC before

The Jackson County Sheriff’s office stepped in, and RC was brought to Equamore. After only one night in a cozy stall, with a blanket and special food, RC became bright, curious and friendly. And he eagerly greeted visitors during the anniversary party — he loves affection, particularly scritches behind his beautiful ears. He now has a permanent home at Equamore.


Another new addition to Equamore is Jewel, a chestnut mare who was surrendered by her owner. Back in 2008, she bolted and fled after her rider fell off, which is not uncommon, and she didn’t receive veterinary care but was instead deemed “dangerous” and later advertised as free on Craigslist. An examination eventually revealed that Jewel had suffered injuries consistent with a major impact to her left side, most likely from all the way back in 2008.  The only way Jewel had been able to communicate her suffering was to react with “bad” behavior. Now she is at Equamore, where she will live the remainder of her life with people who understand her fear and who have the skill and patience to complete her recovery. Below is a photo of Jewel, safe and happy in her stall — and you can learn more about her story here.


It’s always so inspiring to visit Equamore — not only to see these formerly abused horses thriving and happy but to witness the passion and compassion of the people who care for them. If you’d like to learn more, visit Equamore’s website — and click here for information on how to donate. You can also sponsor an individual horse if you’d like — simply click on a horse’s page to learn more and to make a donation.