Ashland is for wine lovers

Ashland is known for theater, for nature, for hippies.

And wine?

But this is changing. Ashland is home to one winery but is a great jumping off point for a day trip to more than a dozen wineries.

Places like Cowhorn, Troon, Quady North, and one of our new favorites, Red Lilly.

The Red Lilly tasting area alone, shown below, is worth a visit.

The winery sits on the banks of the Applegate River. This river makes its way north to the Rogue River and then onto the ocean.

And if you want a great way to not only visit these wineries but also get an inside look at how the wine is made, check out Southern Oregon Winery Tours.

We met the owner recently and he’s now got us interested in booking a custom tour.

So when you visit Ashland make sure you block out some time for a tour of the Applegate…