How to spot animal abuse — and how to help

The Ashland Daily Tidings published a feature today with some important information on how to know whether an animal is in need of help, and how to get that help. Animal cruelty is illegal in every state, and it’s a felony in forty-six. And it’s well documented, of course, that people who abuse animals also (or eventually) harm humans as well.

While this article is specific to the Ashland area, wherever you are, if you see abuse or neglect, immediately call the local police or 911. Document what is happening (with notes or a camera phone), and always follow up to make sure someone has investigated and the animal is safe. Visit the Humane Society website for more information on how to recognize abuse and what to do.

This Tidings feature offers all this information as well as inspiring words from those in the community who love and protect animals. Check out this video, where you’ll meet some of the beautiful horses at the Equamore horse sanctuary,¬†including Sara, pictured below, and the wonderful people who care for her and forty-five other rescued and retired horses.

In the video you’ll also hear from artist Dana Feagin, who supports local sanctuaries and rescue groups as a devoted volunteer and also by donating a portion of the proceeds of her art sales to these organizations (and her pet paintings, many of which are of shelter animals, are amazing!). She did a portrait of our General Manager, Theo, and she captured his snarky likeness just perfectly. Even Theo seems to agree.

In the article you’ll find links to local shelters and sanctuaries that you can support — by donating, volunteering, and/or adopting a pet. And if you’re from outside Ashland, check out your own local animal shelter and see what you can do. From pet food to old blankets to time to money, every bit helps — and all of these places rely on the support of the community to continue the important work they do.