An anniversary celebration at Equamore horse sanctuary

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John and I were privileged to spend another afternoon at the Equamore horse sanctuary, for a very special event: the one-year anniversary of Sara and her “person,” Equamore board vice-president Ruth Kennedy.

Being a “person” to Sara means walking, grooming, and visiting her — as well as proffering treats (Sara and Ruth share an apple at the end of nearly every day). After Sara was rescued from severe neglect by Equamore back in 2008, she was placed twice in adopted homes and twice returned. In February of 2010, the sanctuary became her permanent home — and the extra attention of having a special person in her life has really helped relax her, Ruth says. And this is something well worth celebrating.

This festive array of flowers, cider, and cupcakes was originally in front of Sara’s stall but had to be moved away due to her nibbling. And though Sara didn’t get the cupcakes she was after, she did get her share of celebratory treats, including her daily apple.

Sara and the other forty-six rescued and retired horses at Equamore are among the very lucky ones — only a fraction of the horses in need find sanctuary at places like this. Equamore receives numerous calls from desperate owners who can no longer care for their horses, as well as from concerned citizens who see cruelty or neglect and are helpless to intervene. You can help in many ways—from sponsoring a horse ($350 per month) to feeding one horse for a week ($12 per month) to making a one-time donation; every bit helps! Visit Equamore’s website,, for more information—and click here to learn how to donate and/or volunteer.

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