BALANCE OF FRAGILE THINGS and “On the Wings of Butterflies” on exhibit in Ashland

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Last week at Gallerie Karon in Ashland, it was wonderful to see more of Pegi Smith‘s beautiful work on display, including the gorgeous painting “On the Wings of Butterflies,” which of course is the image on the cover of Olivia Chadha‘s novel Balance of Fragile Things. Here’s a photo of Pegi with the book and a print of the original painting:

The original (and very large) “On the Wings of Butterflies” is on exhibit at 38 Central in Medford, Oregon, but Gallerie Karon is exhibiting a smaller print as well as many other butterfly images recently created by Pegi.

The display is lovely — and it was wonderful to see so many people out on First Friday who were drawn instinctively not only to Pegi’s paintings but to the book as well (in Ashland, it’s available at Bloomsbury Books).

For more on both the novel and the painting, check out this recent article in the Ashland Daily Tidings.

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