Dispatches from the Ashland Book & Author Festival

Yesterday was the first annual (yes, there are plans for next year!) Ashland Book and Author Festival, sponsored by Southern Oregon University’s Friends of Hannon Library and SMART. We were happy to be there as both authors and publishers, and especially to meet so many other readers, writers, and publishers.

The festival took place on three floors of SOU’s Hannon Library, with author readings and presentations in alcoves on each floor every fifteen minutes. I had the opportunity to chat about Everyday Writing and to read from Forgetting English, as well as to drop in to hear other presentations. The fifteen-minute format was short but very sweet — and it was great so have so much going on: fiction on one floor, nonfiction on another, and poetry on yet another.

We enjoyed chatting with our festival neighbors at Krill Press and Wellstone Press, and I also participated in a publisher’s panel, along with Molly Tinsley of Fuze Publishing, Tod Davies of Exterminating Angel Press, and Stephen Sendar of White Cloud Press. It was great to hear about the marvelous things these amazing indie presses are up to, as well as talk with participants about everything from queries to distribution to the future of publishing (which, we all agreed, is anyone’s guess at this point!).

It was exciting to hear our own Cher Fischer read and talk about her eco-mystery Falling Into Green at the Writing Killer Fiction panel later that afternoon, led by Tim Wohlforth and including crime writers Michael Niemann, Clive Rosengren, and Bobby Arellano.

And, of course, we loved celebrating Typewriter Day with other fans of the written word…

 Already looking forward to next year!

6 thoughts on “Dispatches from the Ashland Book & Author Festival”

  1. It was great having Ashland Creek Press there, along with the other local indie publishers mentioned, and book artists and restorers, actors and musicians. The book making sessions with Sabina Nies were very popular. The Book Festival was everything I had hoped for and more. We got our numbers in today (from the electronic gate counter at the entrance), and the figure in back and forth traffic and in and outs by volunteers, and came up with between 500 and 500 attendees!

    I will be posting some pictures at the site, or information at the site as to where to see the photos in the next couple of days.
    Thank you Ashland Creek Press, Midge, John, for sharing our vision and making it a big success!
    Laura Baden
    Festival Organizer
    Friends of Hannon Board Member

  2. This sounds lovely! If you add workshops and inexpensive dorm rooms at SOU, I will be very much enticed into attending! All best with your new press. It sounds delightful

  3. Laura, thanks to YOU and all the amazing volunteers that made it such a terrific day. It was such a pleasure to be a part of this, and I’m so happy to hear such great news from all aspects of the festival. Congratulations on a job very, very well done!

  4. Lita, I love your idea … wouldn’t it be great to make this a whole weekend of writing and books? I love the vision.
    And thanks for your good wishes!

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