Go Faux

The Magellanic penguin colony that I wrote about in The Tourist Trail was very nearly decimated twenty years ago by a Japanese firm that planned to “harvest” the penguins for their skins. The penguin skins were to be used for women’s gloves.

Fortunately, this never came to pass, thanks to the efforts of a handful of local activists who drew attention to the plan.

When I think about the use of fur and leather, I think of the penguins. And how quickly a few hundred thousand birds could have been extinguished for the sake of vanity — and profit.

And I think about the animals that are not in danger of going extinct, that are raised in horrific conditions specifically for their fur and hides, which is just as bad, if not worse. We can make an enormous impact on the lives of animals by simply choosing faux over leather. The fact is, there are excellent alternatives to any leather good, from belts to shoes to wallets.

It’s with this in mind that I am participating in a button contest to encourage people to opt for faux alternatives to leather and fur.

Here’s the button I designed:

I’ve ordered a quantity of these buttons and will include a free button with every purchase of The Tourist Trail from my web site.