Presenting Patti Marxsen’s “Archaeologies”

We are thrilled to announce the publication of Patti M. Marxsen’s essay “Archaeologies” as an Ashland Creek Press Short.


In this haunting essay,  Marxsen explores the discoveries and losses of a family shattered by divorce. “Archeologists know,” Marxsen writes, “that something precious is always at risk of being lost forever.”  In this essay, Marxsen is an archeologist unearthing her own past—one of “the fearless ones who study time as a process of erosion, collision, burial, and rediscovery.” From the Musee d’Art et d’Histoire in Geneva to the typewriter cubicles at the University of Kentucky, Marxsen takes us on a journey through time, offering us glimpses into the history of Gaza, into the enduring challenges facing women, and into the eroded history of a broken family.

An American writer living in Switzerland, Marxsen is the author of collection of travel essays, Island Journeys: Exploring the Legacy of France (Alondra Press, 2008), a finalist for the Nonfiction Book Award of the Writers’ League of Texas (2009); as well as a collection of short fiction,Tales from the Heart of Haiti (Educa Vision, 2010). Click here to learn more about Marxsen and her work.

And you can enjoy this essay for less than the cost of a latte or a cup of tea! Read it on the Kindle, or download the PDF.