The definition of irony

So, we recently returned from a lovely trip down the coast of California. One of the highlights for me was discovering a lovely vegan wine from Girasole Vineyards of Mendocino.

Here’s the ironic part: While the wine is vegan, the descriptions on the back don’t exactly reflect this. The chardonnay, for example, is said to pair well “with salmon or chicken in a light cream sauce.”

And this I quote directly from back of the pinot noir bottle: “..pairs well with everything from salmon to pork to grilled vegetables. VEGAN.”

And the sangiovese apparently goes very nicely with “pork tenderloin.”

I realize that it may not sound as sexy to write that a wine pairs nicely with tofu or tempeh — but, seriously, if a vineyard really wants to appeal to vegans, “pork tenderloin” isn’t exactly the way to go.

However, what matters here is that it’s a vegan wine, and a yummy one. And I can report the chardonnay does pair well with veggies –it’s crisp and light and delicious, and definitely a wine I’d have again. I’m sure it’s lovely with tofu, too.