Exercises for writers

Over on my Remembering English blog, I post a Weekly Writing exercise for writers — and I’ve been thrilled over the last few weeks to have featured three amazing writers who have offered guest prompts of their own.

So I wanted to mention them here — and I hope you’ll click over to check them out. Today’s prompt is from Seattle poet Elizabeth Austen, author of Every Dress a Decision, and it’ll turn your work on its head (it’s called Cultivating Opposites). And you’ll also get to read Elizabeth’s poem “It Didn’t Happen That Way,” from Every Dress a Decision.


I’ve also featured poet Kelli Russell Agodon, author of Letters from the Emily Dickinson Room, and she offers Self Portrait with _____. Click here for the full exercise. And don’t miss her poem “Self Portrait With Optic Neuritis” while you’re there.



And nonfiction author Wendy Call, author of the forthcoming No Word for Welcome, offers a wonderful prompt that is a little longer and involves index cards — and it’s worth every moment. With this one, you (or your fictional characters) will go deep, and you’ll make amazing discoveries. And don’t miss Wendy’s list of recommended reading for writers while you’re visiting.


Enjoy! And visit Remembering English every Monday for new writing exercises.

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