Ashland’s Tree of the Year

There are many things to love about Ashland, Oregon.

Like the fact that every year, since 1988, the city honors a “Tree of the Year.”

Oregonians love their trees. In fact, did you know that Oregon has extended the traditional Arbor Day celebration into a week-long affair? Celebrated during the first week of April.

I’ve noticed that a few other cities also honor Trees of the Year, like Newport, Rhode Island and Austin, Texas. There’s even a European Tree of the Year. I don’t believe there is an “American Tree of the Year” competition yet, but there should be.

And Ashland would certainly field a competitive team.

Ashland is home to amazing assortment of native and imported trees — from the Ponderosa Pine to the Monkey Puzzle to the Giant Sequoia.

You can see the full list of Ashland’s Trees of the Year here.

In the weeks ahead we’ll be posting photos of these Ashland trees. It’s a great excuse to escape from our computers and spend a little time with the oldest living residents of Ashland.