Never Turn Your Back on the Ocean

Never Turn Your Back on the Ocean
Words: 6,000
"Never Turn Your Back on the Ocean" first appeared in Roanoke Review

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“Never Turn Your Back on the Ocean,” a short story from Midge Raymond’s award-winning collection, Forgetting English, follows the journey of an actress whose job as a nanny draws her into a role far more complicated than anything she’d imagined.

“In ‘Never Turn Your Back on the Ocean,’ Karey is a nanny/actress vacationing with her employers and their children in Maui when she meets Cody, a surf bum, and tries to make sense of her young life ... Ms. Raymond certainly knows her way around a story.”
—Literate Chicks Book Reviews
“Women at the heart of [Raymond’s] far-flung tales are strong, weak, wise, foolish; in other words, authentic.”
—The Seattle Times
“I would recommend this to all readers—even those who say they don't like short stories.”
—Author Exposure Book Club