The Ecstatic Cry

The Ecstatic Cry
Words: 6,500
"The Ecstatic Cry" first appeared in The Ontario Review

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"The Ecstatic Cry," a short story from Midge Raymond's award-winning collection, Forgetting English, tells the story of a biologist navigating the stark, icy moonscape of Antarctica. After years of studying the behavior of penguins in hopes of protecting them, an encounter with a wayward tourist leaves her trying to understand the nature of her own species, and the ways in which she herself may need saving.

"Raymond's prose often lights up the poetry-circuits of the brain...Most compelling is Deb, a scientist observing penguin colonies in Antarctica, who interacts with three different men, helping, saving, losing them in various ways. It is the penguins, though, that move her."
The Seattle Times
"The exotic settings ... are shown in an economical, but wholly effective, way. Raymond often chooses one or two concrete particulars and describes them so closely that we experience the setting alongside the character. In 'The Ecstatic Cry,' we feel the narrator’s affinity for Antarctica through her fascination with emperor penguins."
The Rumpus
"Midge Raymond will soon become one of your favorite authors."
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