The Ghost Runner

by Blair Richmond

The Ghost Runner: A Novel by Blair Richmond

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ISBN 978-1-61822-017-2

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Release date: November 15, 2012
Price: $14.95
Pages: 268
Binding: 5.25 x 8 x .75
ISBN: 978-1-61822-017-2
Age level: 12 and up
"Thoroughly entertaining."
Kirkus Reviews
"[A] fast-paced trilogy…The Ghost Runner perfectly captures its setting while adding in engaging characters and a dose of the supernatural."
Ashland Daily Tidings

Introducing Book Two in the Lithia Trilogy…

In The Ghost Runner, Kat is still in Lithia, trying not to see Roman’s face everywhere she looks. It’s not easy, but she tries to move on: She starts taking classes at the local college, keeps up with her job at the running store, and is beginning a relationship with Alex.

Yet Kat’s past is never far behind, and as old ghosts begin to catch up with her, she finds herself fighting to defend the things she believes in, from the hope of a new family to the deeply wooded forests that she has begun to call home. As her relationship with Alex begins to crumble, a new secret from her past emerges, and she is once again torn between those she loves as she struggles to reconcile her dark past with her hopes for a brighter future.

The Ghost Runner, continuing Kat's adventures in Out of Breath, brings us further into the mysterious town of Lithia, where the old traditions of logging and gold mining—and the new traditions of development—collide with conservation. Meanwhile, the spirits of the town keep watch over everything—and occasionally find it necessary to intervene…

The Lithia Trilogy, which blends adventure and the paranormal with environmental awareness and Shakespeare, offers an exciting new series in young adult fiction.

"Vegan vampires, Shakespearean actors, food–co-op aficionados and serious runners face off against old-school bloodsuckers and rapacious, forest-devouring builders in this follow-up to Out of Breath (2011) set in—where else?—Lithia…Spunky Kat is good company; Alex and Roman are better defined this time around, but most vivid character honors go to the setting, whose tall evergreens and babbling brooks, shadowed by brooding mountains, enhance the sturdy plot. Thoroughly entertaining."
Kirkus Reviews
"The question of who will prevail in this battle of good against evil, of humility against greed, is the most pressing of several cliffhangers that will keep readers eagerly awaiting the third and final volume in Richmond’s compelling trilogy."
Our Hen House
"[A] fast-paced trilogy…[Richmond] does a great job capturing the flavor, politics and issues of the town…The Ghost Runner perfectly captures its setting while adding in engaging characters and a dose of the supernatural."
Ashland Daily Tidings
"Maintaining the fast-paced, mysterious tone of the first book, Richmond has succeeded in developing Kat’s character and that of those closest to her. Never wavering from the unexpectedly blended themes of environmental awareness and the paranormal, the reader is reminded that things are often not as they seem, and that sometimes we have to look back in order to move forward. And let us not forget the delicately placed Shakespeare component. It is Richmond’s modern take on the ancient language and introspective view of human (and not so human) nature that has the reader believing in all things, both seen and unseen."
This Dish Is Veg
"The Ghost Runner by Blair Richmond is a solid second book in a trilogy. The novelist mixes environmental concerns with themes of finding your ground amidst a turbulent sea and the ghosts of the past. It’s about dealing with your responsibilities as a part of nature and as a part of a wider society, and more than that it’s about changing your own actions and behaviors to make the changes in the wider society and world you seek."
Savvy Verse & Wit
"Amazing surprises … Loved how it flowed … Two thumbs up!"
Books, Books & More Books
"I loved The Ghost Runner as much as I loved the first book, Out of Breath."
Booklingly Yours
"I think the sequel is just as good as the original. I enjoyed the subtle personality changes that we see with Katherine. She has evolved as a character, which is what we wish out of all our protagonists: to see a bit of a change in the way they look at life…This is a fun addition to its genre and one that I easily recommend to all lovers of paranormal fiction."
Carabosse's Library


"This series opener blends genre tradition with West Coast environmentalism ... the result feels fresh and original."
Kirkus Reviews
"Combining mystery, romance, vampires, and strong vegan and environmental messages, [Out of Breath] will have readers of light paranormal novels running to the next book in Richmond’s trilogy."
"Out of Breath far surpasses the industry standard for young adult literature, and introduces an exciting and rare form of thought-provoking subject matter into mainstream storytelling. Blair Richmond fuses an undoubtedly honed craft with vivid description, emotional characterization and development, and the subtler, yet ever-present gift of metaphor. This is what brings her voice to life."
This Dish Is Veg
"All of you Twilight, Vampire Diaries fans out there are in for a treat...The characters are well developed and the story flows beautifully. I was hardly aware of turning pages."
Let's Book It
"The good-and-bad-vampires theme, the dreary and forested environment, and the love triangle between the main protagonists are reminiscent of Twilight, and those who enjoyed that series will love Kat’s innermost thoughts and her difficulty in choosing between Alex and Roman while simultaneously being threatened by both."
"An eco-friendly, vampire-ridden mystery with a love triangle...a quick read with love of the environment, vampires, and a little mystery."
Girls in the Stacks
"In this young adult novel, author Blair Richmond weaves together the seemingly incompatible themes of vampirism (in other words, killing and consuming sentient beings) and veganism (not doing that) in a tale that explores the moral implications of what we eat and how we treat the environment along with the more traditional literary themes of romance, friendship, and the inescapability of one’s past. All this in a compulsively readable story..."
Our Hen House
"This book is extremely well-written. I became engaged in this story from the first page...I would definitely recommend this book to readers of YA and mystery books."
Literary R&R
"Out of Breath by Blair Richmond is an eerie novel that takes a look at the consequences of our actions and how we cannot right the wrongs of the past, but only strive to change our futures. Readers will enjoy the mix of paranormal, young adult coming of age story, romance, and suspense mixed with a theme of environmental conservation and appreciation."
Savvy Verse & Wit
"I couldn't put it down...This is a book to add to your collection. A unique paranormal twist added into a spectacular story of an odd town with good-hearted people."
1000+ Books to Read
"You'll find this one a treat because it's much along the lines of a Twilight venue...Blair Richmond is a very strong author. Her style is not only agreeable but engaging, and it has a flow that makes one want to keep digging for answers. I was hooked from the beginning."
Bookish Dame Reviews
"Out of Breath is the first novel in a planned trilogy and features a host of intriguing characters who are mysterious, quirky, and interesting. I found myself fascinated by the added running culture that was intertwined throughout the novel and how it was woven so seamlessly into the plot and into the characters' enjoyable novel."
Curling Up by the Fire
"Out of Breath is a fast-paced read...a haunting and inspired read...not just another vampire novel."
Lost for Words
"A great story based on trying to find out who you really are, who you want to be, and how to get there."
Snowdrop Dreams of Books
"Out of Breath is a well-written novel that will be especially intriguing for Ashlanders or anybody who enjoys visiting the hometown of the Oregon Shakespeare entertaining, fast-paced book."
Ashland Daily Tidings
"…a fast-paced, clever story with a protagonist who is both tough and sympathetic and with equal measures of the paranormal and the ecological…"
Literary Ashland